CHFI is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios, enabling students to acquire hands-on experience. The program provides a strong baseline knowledge of key concepts and practices in the digital forensic domains relevant to today’s organizations. Moreover, CHFI provides firm grasp on the domains of digital forensics.

Who should attend this course? 

If you’re already in this field, but want to learn the professional concepts of forensics Then this is the course for you.  The CHFI program is designed for all IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response.

Who Is It For?

• Police and other law enforcement personnel
• Defense and Military personnel
• E-Business Security professionals
• Systems administrators
• Legal professionals
• Banking, Insurance and other professionals
• Government agencies
• IT managers


  •   Computer Forensics in Today’s World
  •   Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  •   Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
  •   Operating System Forensics
  •   Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques
  •   Data Acquisition and Duplication
  •   Network Forensics
  •   Investigating Web Attacks
  •   Database Forensics
  •   Cloud Forensics
  •   Malware Forensics
  •   Investigating Email Crimes
  •   Mobile Forensics
  •   Investigative Reports

Key Outcomes

• Comprehensive forensics investigation
• Forensics of file systems, operating            systems, network and database, websites,   and email systems.
• Techniques for investigating on cloud,
   malware, and mobile
• Data acquisition and analysis as well as
  anti-forensic techniques
• Thorough understanding of chain of custody,
  forensic report, and presentation

Exam Information

• Number of Questions: 150
• Passing Score: 70%
• Test Duration: 4 hours
• Test Format: Multiple choice
• Test Delivery: ECC exam portal


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